My Pledge for a safe relationship

  1.  I will never again beg or plead for someone else. Any person who brings me to that level is not worth my heart.
  2. I will never again tolerate criticism about my intellect, body, age, job, or any other insecurities I might have. A good partner won’t put me down, they will raise me up.
  3. I will take a step back from my relationship once every month to make sure that I am being respected, loved and cherished, not flattered, manipulated or love-bombed.
  4. I will always ask myself the question: “Would I ever treat someone like this or speak to someone like this?” If the answer is no, then I do not deserve to be treated like that either and I will walk away.
  5. I will trust my gut. I will never again silence my gut to accept the lies of someone else or the excuses they make. I will trust myself.
  6. I understand that it is better to be single, than in a toxic or wrong relationship.

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