Who am I?

Hello there!

I am a Cape Town-based travel & lifestyle blogger for #LorindasWorld and also the former founder & CEO of South African based PR agency, 4Elements Media.

#LorindasWorld was created in 2015 with a single purpose; to fulfil my passion and love for travel and to share these life experiences with others. As an entrepreneur and freelancer in the PR and Media industry, I believe my expertise and professional experience helped me to understand the influencer industry better. I worked with international lifestyle and hospitality brands for almost 20 years, and this serves as a cornerstone for #LorindasWorldin not only the quality of content I deliver but the deep understanding of the financial impact good blogging can hold in terms of R.O.I for brands.

A core focus of #LorindasWorld is the empowerment and education of women when it comes to solo travel or missions. I provide useful and practical tips for the solo travelling female while delivering inspiration and advice to like-minded souls. I love creating stories that not only inspire my readers to explore the world around them and experience all the food, culture and travel they can but also provide them with the best information and resource from my own travelling experience.