All about April 2016…

April was such an a beautiful, enriching month, especially after the first 3 months of 2016.

I look back & I’d honestly like to share some wisdom, only because I know that if I can help only 1 person, or keep another from getting hurt, everything I went through makes it worth it.

Sometimes, bad things happen to good people so it can kick start you into a whole new direction. Accept it & go with it.

  • Don’t be in a relationship where your boundaries, values & self respect must be lowered so someone else can feel good about themselves.
  • Sometimes an analytical mind goes in overdrive when you ignore your gut. Always trust your gut, no matter how surreal it sounds or how much in love you are.
  • People are capable of change only because they want to or that they’ve been hurt that they have to. You will never be able to change anyone. No matter how much you love them… or even forgive them..
  • Sometimes you need to make peace with an apology you never received and trust the power of karma.
  • Your beliefs will not make you a better person, your behaviour will. I cannot stress this out more!
  • Invest time in yourself. Become your own best friend and know your worth and boundaries.
  • When you surround yourself around the best kind of people, they bring out the best version of you, I had to loose many friends, or so called “good people” to realise what I deserve and what I should never allow back into my life again

I am so excited for the next quarter of 2016, I have no doubt that it will be super amazing!

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