Dear Woman

Dear Woman

Please do not ever apologize for your existence, instead spread your arms wide like wings and learn to fly in a way that causes others to fear your confidence.

There will be people who steal your heart, others who attempt to win it and others who wait patiently for it as a gift.
I can tell you now out of experience that if it feels wrong, it probably is, listen to your instinct.

You may love them, they may love you, but that does not mean it is right, and that does not mean you have to stay.

Surround yourself by strong women.
I grew up in a house with estrogen, I grew up in a house with 4 women.
All my life I have ensured that I surround myself with strong, likeminded women.
Women making a difference. Women that wants to grow.
Kind women. Women that aims to live their true purpose.

Because of that, it’s hard not to be all woman.

Happy Women’s Day

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