Embrace your Sensitive Soul


To feel everything so deeply and to take things to heart as well as to wear it on your sleeve may seem like the worst thing to happen to you at times, but it is the bravest and most beautiful thing you can do.

You will always over analyze everything you do and say as well as everything everyone else does and says to you, but it just means you try to search for the meaning in everything. Embrace the part of you that is a deep thinker, a natural empath, and a sensitive soul.

You’re in it all or nothing. You can’t just switch off your emotions; it lies at the heart and soul of your being and everything you do and in a world where people can be so heartless and cold, it’s not something you should be ashamed of.

You don’t always say a lot because you love to listen to people as their words become stories in your mind and you take pride in giving them advice. You love to help others, but sometimes it hurts when you feel that when your mind is a complete mess and your heart hurts, no one’s there to listen.

You’re always looking to form strong connections with people and to really get to know them on an intimate and deep level to find out their story in a meaningful and empowering way because that’s all you know, you only know how to be personable and to make people feel that they matter.

You can hurt a lot and easily over the cruel things people say to and about you. You end up thinking about it constantly and as much as you try not to, you let it get to your heart and you end up thinking that you’ve done something wrong and stressing and worrying over nothing.

You expect a lot from people only to be left crushed, but it’s only because you know you’d be willing to do so much for them. You know how to treat people well, but you’ve learned that it doesn’t always mean they’ll show you the same kind of respect.

You spend a lot of time over-analysing things, taking them to mean more than they really do, you worry, a lot, you get emotional, but at the end of the day you do all of those things because you care. Things and people really matter to you.

You’re too hard on yourself sometimes and you really need to give yourself more credit. You need to stop for a moment and realise that being a sensitive soul is what makes you, you and it is the very reason people adore and admire you, well at least the people who matter anyway.

You shouldn’t have to feel less and turn cold or be less transparent about what’s on your mind for we now live in a time where people shy away from being truthful. People are afraid to show the world how they feel because they think it’s a sign of weakness.

In reality, your softness is your strength because it means that you actually give a damn about things in this lifetime and you attach yourself to situations and people because your heart doesn’t know anything else but to care and be compassionate.

You may fall easily for people and even if they hurt you, you do still try your hardest to believe they mean well and they truly care about you in the way you care about them. You have hope in people. You try to fix them and patiently wait for them to give you their time of day.

You always promise yourself to be less trusting, forgiving, warm and welcoming, but deep down, you know that it’s something you can never change about yourself because you believe in giving people, friends or lovers, chances and seeing the best in them even when no one else does.

Don’t underestimate the power of being in touch with your emotions, having the courage to be vulnerable and expressive about what’s really on your mind and having the ability to connect with, and know yourself. Don’t underestimate being such a delicate and devoted human being.

When you hurt, you know that you’ll be in pain for a while, but you will get yourself through it and eventually heal. You know that once you end up broken, you know what to do to put the pieces of yourself back together. You feel with your entire heart and you will always follow where it takes you.

You aren’t the type of person who can just not give a damn, who can treat people like they don’t have a place in this world or who can act so heartless and cruel for you know better than to let this world and people in it change you for the worst.

You’ll have moments where you’ll feel so alone as if you don’t belong in this world, but that’s the thing with graceful and gentle hearted human beings, as hard as it is sometimes, we know how to be on our own and find the beauty in our solitude. We crave our own company most of the time.

Be real and raw, be authentic, be honest, be open, be loving and be you. There’s nothing wrong with desiring real love and affection, mutual respect, decency and effort, meaningful human connections and chemistry and nurturing and fulfilling relationships.

You don’t know how to half live or love. You give it your all. Your softness and sensitivity make you special, it makes you important to the lives of those who need someone to understand them. To be caring and compassionate is the greatest gift alive.

Every little thing about you that you dislike makes you someone people will never forget. Take it all and put it out into the world and use it all to do something unforgettable in this lifetime. You are magic, taking all your hurt and turning it into something that saves you and others.

Embrace every little thing about yourself even if people who are so emotionally detached and sheltered from their own feelings and opening up their heart have made you feel that you shouldn’t be this way.

You’re not missing out in life, even when you think you are, because you’re really taking every moment in and appreciating it for what it is while most people just let moments pass them by without a single thought. You are living with a full heart of emotion and you don’t realise how rare that is.

Show your true self to the world and you will attract the right people who will love you for you. Be proud of being a sensitive soul and your kind heart, and completely own it because it really is the defining thing about you, the thing that makes you so beautiful.


Article by Alyssa Ho: http://www.alyssahowritings.com

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