I am woman. I am me…

It is my belief that a woman is not only birthed, a woman is made.
A girl becomes a woman through experiences.. a journey that will release tears, develop patience, maturity, independence, strength…
But most importantly a strong sense of self.
I hope that one day if I have a daughter I can teach her this and I hope I can watch her grow into this kind of woman.

There is a pivotal moment in all or our lives in which we have to make decisions for our own sanity.
5 years ago I started a journey where I began to make definitive decisions for my future when I learned to start placing myself first. Trust me, it was not easy!
I realised most of all that I cannot give others if I am not whole. I also realised I will never love the deep rooted way I want to love, if I do not feel the same way about myself.

Some of the decisions were to cut ties with people that weren’t making me better. Many people still don’t understand the concept of “people are there for a reason, season or lifetime.”
It took me a while to grasp that too, especially if you want to believe and see the best in everyone you meet.
I also took time to travel and focus on a relationship with myself. I traveled to some remote countries to help me understand life and people better. I am grateful for that and I hope that I can continue doing so.

I am not shy to admit that I make mistakes. But I lived through them and through these failures I found my greatness and my worth
I am still growing and I want to continue growing in this aspect.

But I know through this journey what love is and the amount of love I am capable of giving, because I am woman… I am just me..

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