Is an emotional affair considered cheating?


Someone recently asked me if I’d ever been cheated on. A storm of pain began in the pit of my stomach. “Yes,” I replied, “In every way. Emotionally and Physically.” So the topic of today’s post – is an emotional affair considered cheating?

The answer is YES!

So many people still believe that cheating or an affair only involves the physical part and do not consider an emotional affair as cheating or what it even means?

I thought of sharing some insight for those that are still unclear on the subject. An emotional affair is a connection with someone of the opposite sex that you keep a secret from your partner. The operative word is ‘cheating’. And yes, it definitely counts. Many convince themselves that as long as there’s no sex, it’s not an affair. But it is. It can involve flirtatious e-mails, sexting on mobiles, coffee and cozy heart-to-heart. In today’s day and time, it is for sure the new kind of adultery.

If you’re committed to someone and let another person get close to you, even emotionally, that is a no-no. We may think flirting is healthy, but it depends on how far you take it. Are you trying to get the person into bed, start a relationship, or just have fun?

My mantra for a committed relationship is to stay fully committed and not to allow any gaps in my relationship for someone else to fill. Today social media puts infidelity at our fingertips. Personally, when I am in a committed relationship, I ignore flirty messages, chats or ‘dangerous’ invitations.

Have you ever been emotionally cheated on? Let me know.

is an emotional affair considered cheating

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