Just as I am

I’ve been pretty raw and honest on here..

Not to seek pity but if I can share about my highs, I should equally share about the lows too..

I’m not here to create a false impression about life and claim I’m the creator of conviviality, even if it’s a huge part of my career…

However the last 3 months have been a struggle upon struggle of challenges from all sides of life, mostly by people who used to claim they care about me..

I currently find myself struggling to breathe or even wanna move at times..

I’m not saying I’m quitting or I want to be consumed by these feelings…

I’m just exhausted.

Tired of people hurting me.

Tired of selfish humans.

Tired of being disregarded.

I just want to breathe for a moment and have clarity about my next move.

I feel I’ve been pressed from every side and corner and it just gets too much at times..

I don’t know why this is happening or what the reasons are… but all I’m asking right now is “Universe, give me a damn break!!”

I know this is the path to so much bigger, but I hope the bigger will eventually reveal itself…

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