Quick-Fire Questions with LorindasWorld

Quick-Fire Questions with LorindasWorld

As some of you might know, #LorindasWorld was created in 2015 with a single purpose; to fulfill my passion and love for travel and to share these life experiences with others.

A core focus of #LorindasWorld is the empowerment and education of women when it comes to solo travel or travel missions with people they love. I provide useful and practical tips for the solo traveler while delivering inspiration and advice to like-minded souls.

Each year, I share short facts about myself, so you can get to know me better. Because, as much as I love creating stories that not only inspire my readers, I also want you to explore the world around you and experience everything else that goes with traveling – the food, cultures, history, but most importantly how travel can touch and change your life.

So here you go…

What do I never travel without?

My passport, credit card, iPhone 7+, Canon G5 X Camera and portable chargers, I mean, how else will I be able to capture my moments?

Three places I want to visit in 2018?

I want to take a comprehensive tour through Thailand, especially experiencing the country from a Thai point of view.

I would also love to go to Turkey and Morocco and just because it is so close to South Africa, Mauritius.

Best hotel I have ever stayed in?

Gosh, this is difficult as I have been fortunate enough to stay at some of the most beautiful hotels thus far, but let’s break it down into categories:

The strangest meals I have ever had while traveling?

Original street style food from China and Cambodia.

Favorite Holiday read.

It must be the book that inspired me to travel – Eat Pray Love. It inspired me to discover more about myself, it challenged me to find my own courage to define my life. I truly believe that if you are 200% comfortable in your own skin, you can be a much better person in relationships with others.

My all-time hero.

Without a doubt, Angelina Jolie. Thanks to her, I discover my most favorite country – Cambodia.

Just like her, I fell deeply in love with Cambodia. I feel the place, the people, the smiles, the landscapes. The people keep on smiling in this country. Constantly. Despite their condition, despite the hunger and everything they’ve been through. I find the Khmer nation just amazing. They have such an inner elegance, kindness and calmness that is disarming.

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