Self-acceptance and knowing yourself

There was just something different about 2016. I am struggling to point it down to exactly what.
But what I do know is, I felt everything to the max, gone through life-changing experiences. Maybe the reason why I am feeling like this comes down to the fact that I am (and always have been) uncomfortably huge—in passion, in love, in curiosity, in expression, in feelings, and in heart and always wanting to change, for the better, for myself and for my purpose. I guess it all falls part of self-acceptance and knowing yourself.

This year I made huge decisions regarding myself personally, relationships, friendships and especially my career.
I have made mistakes. I am the first to admit it, only because I honestly do not know better other than from the lessons I have learned.
I know that I am still busy finding out what makes me happy and that I am learning what happens when I try to pursue that which I wish made me happy but doesn’t.
And maybe I haven’t figured out exactly who I am, but I’ve learned exactly who I’m not—and who I should stop trying to be and mostly who I do not want to be.

Everything has changed in the last year for me. My consciousness has risen to a higher level than ever before. Sometimes I feel like I have been showered with vast amounts of light, and that is helping me to move to new places. I’ve reached the point in my life where I don’t care about impressing other people. It’s great if they like me just the way I am – but if they don’t that’s their loss, and it doesn’t matter.
Being accepted among family and friends is a vital key to a happy life. However, I have learned that not all people are in positive and accepting environments and this detriment them severely.
A lack of social acceptance can make people insecure and prone to self-hatred. While acceptance from others is necessary, I know that self-acceptance is far more valuable.
Self-acceptance is the ability to accept myself just as I am, rather than depending my happiness on what other people might think of me.  I know that the road to a happier, fuller life is a long one but being able to truly and genuinely appreciate yourself as a person makes that journey much easier to undertake. Trust me, once you do accept yourself entirely, you’ll exude a priceless confidence, it is not something that happens overnight, but this determination will set you apart from everyone else.

Of course, this is all easier said than done, but it is worth a try. Throw away society’s mold and become who you want to be.

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