Get in on the fun with these trendy seltzers

Suddenly, there are many hard seltzers on the market, so it takes a lot for a newcomer to stand out honestly, but Skinny seltzers have managed to do just that.

Thanks to a few colliding trends, the demand is for healthier drinks and in a form as portable as possible. Most seltzers are loaded with additional sweeteners and flavourings. Still, the new entry is the flavourful Skinny range that has zero added artificial sugars and is free of artificial flavours, colourants, and preservatives, making it the premium choice amidst the noise.

Skinny Seltzers

The Skinny trio of low-calorie, unashamedly sophisticated alcohol seltzers are aimed at wellness-minded drinkers who like a ready-mixed drink in a can.

The range switches things up with three seltzers with a twist: the flagship Skinny B – the internationally celebrated mix of premium vodka, pure lime & soda (my personal favourite); the Skinny M – a crisp mix of premium tequila, pure lime & soda and the Skinny G, a refreshing alternative to a classic G&T, featuring gin, pure lime & soda. They clock in 3,5% alcohol, 75 calories and zero carbs – how amazing?!

This is the perfect alternative if you are working on your “summer body” during winter and I tastes super great!

You can from any Norman Goodfellows stores nationwide, Takealot or

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