Social Media is a breeding ground for many people’s most narcissistic tendencies.

The more I think about it, the more I talk to my friends about it, the more I realize; Social Media is a breeding ground for many people’s most narcissistic tendencies.

It’s a reality that comes into sharp focus as soon as you step outside of your circle of friends and look at what everybody else is posting.

My brain is hurting big time lately; maybe it’s been hurting the past two years, I just got used to it, I guess.
There’s so many mindless, look-at-me white noise crap on social media, and it feels like it could burst, that’s my brain of course. 
It has slowly been getting to me because rampant narcissism is making me frustrated, alarmed and almost at a point of wondering what’s happened to our world.
It feels like everyone is busy being obsessed with receiving recognition and gratification from one’s looks, vanity and in an egotistical manner.
There’s such a disturbing concentration on exterior looks, as opposed to personality it’s scary. I mean some people post up to 6 selfies or pictures of themselves a day! Let’s not even speak about the way people can stare into Instagram stories or Snapchat in almost a hypnotic manner and look at themselves!

This obsession with selfies shows a deeper problem in our society; this obsession with getting likes over how we look points to a generation that has no perspective, and one that has a deep need for love, affection and above all, approval for something real. 
This type of narcissism is more than a stereotype. There’s data to back it up. Did you know the third most frequently used hashtag on Instagram is #me? Under it, you’ll find more than 90 million self-portraits taken?

What does it say about our current generation? Will it ever change?
In the end, all I know is how you look is, in the long run, meaningless.

It’s who you are, and how you think and feel & how you make others feel, that actually matters.


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