The beauty of life…

Life will give you tragedies, and total chaos, and tears.
But it will also give you the chance to meet a few good people who will turn into friends that will lie on the floor of a public bathroom with you while you contemplate why you decided to take on more than you can carry.

It will give you someone who will answer your calls at four o’clock in the morning, and hold your hand even if it’s sweaty as hell.
It will blow soft winds through your hair and give you a chance to hear the leaves rustle.
It will give you moments that take your breath away and make you feel alive more than other days.

Life will scatter the stars across the dark, blue sky and give you something to believe in.
It will also give you music, words written by strangers so that you know that you’re never truly alone.

Every day it will give you a different sunrise and a different sunset, and a chance for you to witness the beauty of it all.

 Life will give you experience, a lot of it, and you will learn and grow and bloom.

It will give you a hundred reasons to go, but a thousand reasons to stay.
So stay…

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