What is A-Beauty?

While Korea may be the centre of the beauty universe, Australia is carving out its own niche in the industry. Australian beauty brands (a.k.a. A-Beauty) are moving us away from multi-step complicated regimens and toward natural ingredients-focused, multitasking products.

Their effortless-yet-effective philosophy is grounded in highlighting natural ingredients that protect, nourish, and soothe without complex routines, steps, and formulas.

Below I shared about the two A-Beauty brands I have been introduced to earlier this year and which should be on your radar too.

Claire Hill Skincare

Claire Hill LorindasWorld

Claire Hill recently landed in South Africa, and I had the privilege of testing their products at the beginning of the year. Claire Hill is a science-based skincare line that offers a natural, effective alternative to invasive treatments like botox.

Their results-driven formulae include the perfect mix of active ingredients in the right concentrations and set a new standard in anti-ageing skincare that consists of the following three products:

  • Micellar Water with Desert Lime.
  • S8-28 Assist – Anti-Ageing Serum.
  • S8-28 – Anti-Ageing Moisturiser .

All Claire Hill products are available online at www.clairehill.co.za.

NAK Hair

NAK Hair LorindasWorld

The NAK hair product collections feature Natural Vegan Ingredients, Luxe Botanicals, and Pure Essential Oils which provide beautiful hair rituals that respect the delicate nature of hair and skin.

What I love about NAK is that ingredient safety is their number one priority. Science and nature play a vital role in creating NAK products.

I have used a few of their blonde collection products in the past; however, my absolute favourite duo has to be the CARE collection from NAK.

It is an affordable and caring product collection dedicated to helping breast cancer research. The CARE range proudly contributes to selected charities, assisting others in the fight against breast cancer.

This range offers simple and effective cleansing, care and maintenance for the entire family, ensuring everyday protection and conditioning for all hair types.

All NAK Hair products are available online at www.nakhair.co.za.

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