Breathtakingly beautiful Babylonstoren

I recently visited breathtakingly beautiful Babylonstoren with my sister from London and her family and it made me realize again that Babylonstoren is a rare find; one of those places that make you want to pinch yourself at just how lucky you feel to have found it and that makes you want to pack up your city life and move to a farm.

We started the day off by lunching at Babel, one of my favorite restaurants in Cape Town by far. 
I usually only order their salad– a red, green, or yellow. But this is not just an ordinary boring salad. It is one of the most outrageous salads you’ll ever eat. Every ingredient is grown in the gardens of Babylonstoren and every meal is simple, delicious and creatively served like art on a plate.

My favorite part of every visit has to be wandering through the garden which is the heart of the farm. I never knew this, but the gardens are maintained by 19 gardeners and every morning fresh fruit and vegetables are harvested for their garden-to-table restaurants.

A visit to Babylonstoren is a unique experience and I totally recommend it to anyone that still need to see it.

For those who want to dine at Babel, just a note, the restaurant is quite small and it’s very popular, so booking way in advance is crucial.

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