Cambodia and why I fell in love with it

I had the fortune to travel to Cambodia in December 2014 for my annual vacation. When I booked my ticket initially, I planned to stay just for 4 days, visit the Angkor Wat temples and go back to Bangkok. Well thanks to the cold weather in Vietnam at that point, I changed my stay to 11 days in Cambodia instead, which I am eternally grateful for. This post will share more about Cambodia and why I fell in love with it.

I often recall and share my Cambodia experience with friends and strangers even. I madly fell in love with the country from the minute go. I cannot pin-point what it exactly was, but I remember riding a bike through the temple grounds on Christmas Day and I just felt it. I felt the place, the people, the smiles, the landscapes. Everything moved me for some reason.

But it was not until I visited the villages I realized it’s because people keep on smiling in this country. Constantly. Despite their condition, despite the hunger and everything they’ve been through.
I find these people just incredible. They have such an inner elegance, kindness and calmness that is disarming.

Now, almost a year and a half later, I come to realize my relationship with Cambodia bears a striking resemblance to a passionate but wildly insecure romance. One where I find myself falling for someone with such an uncertain future that I become consumed with seeing, touching tasting every facet of them out of fear that they might disappear in an instant.

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