Floating on Cloud 9

When I say that my Cape Town bucket list is so long that I will most likely never complete it, I am not kidding. I have never actually written down a list (let’s be real, it would be a book) but I have a mental one up in my head, and I could easily rattle off 100 bucket list items in just a few minutes.

I have made myself a promise at the end of 2016 to visit and stay at as many Cape Town destinations as possible. I have been wanting to stay in the bustling inner city of Cape Town for a little while now. When I was offered to stay at Cloud 9 Boutique Hotel at the foot of Table Mountain in Kloof Nek Road, I knew I had to take up the offer. I decided to visit this 47-room boutique hotel recently with my sister and as we walked through the doors we were welcomed by chic interiors and amazing contemporary African art.

We stayed in one of the Heritage Classic Rooms with a beautiful balcony overlooking the statues Table Mountain.
The room had a stunning double en suite shower with Charlotte Rhys amenities. The water pressure was also perfect– not too hard or soft, which makes it ideal for when two people want to shower at the same time.
As you know, coffee in hotel rooms are a huge thing for me, so when I noticed that they had a Nespresso Machine, I was super impressed. The room was also equipped with an Ultra HD TV with an extended channel selection.

We shared a twin-bed room, which was ideal for a 1 night stay. The mattresses were super comfy and it felt like I was sleeping on clouds– even my sister, and her total princessy tendencies when it comes to her bed, approved. The only thing missing that would have made the room service even better was if they turned the beds at night.

I wandered around the hotel after arrival and discovered that they also had a rooftop sun deck and bar which will be great for afternoon sundowners during summer, especially with the panoramic views of the mountain and the city, they also have a hot tub, as well as plunge pools throughout the property.


But… that’s nothing compared to the amazing breakfast that comes with what you pay for with accommodation. We had breakfast downstairs at The Sorrows and it was out of this world, especially the Smashed Avo with poached egg on top.

Another amazing aspect about Cloud 9 is that they connect their visitors to an array of restaurants in the area, one being one of my favorites, Kloof Street House.

What I loved most about Cloud 9 is that it’s in a pretty prime location, especially if you are tourist. 
You are walking distance from Kloof Street and Bree Street and only about 5 min drive up to Table Mountain.

I’m so happy it lived up the hype I was giving it. You know how you make something better in your head than it probably is in real life? Okay, well this place is not that. It’s awesome, and if you don’t believe me, you can ask all the different people who choose to stay there! 
It has such a quiet, relaxed vibe, the decor is bright and cheerful, and their whole motto on life is awesome.

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