My 39th birthday

Today marks my 39th birthday and at different points during my 30’s I learned so many vital lessons, some through very painful experiences and some while just being me. It has not been easy, but then again, nothing ever was or is easy. It all depends on how you look at it. At 39 years old, I am still exploring, still learning, and still taken aback by the beauty called life. 

Below are some lessons I had the opportunity to learn this past year, and while experiencing some of them, I was not smiling from ear to ear, I am fondly and greatly appreciative for the life lessons they gave to me that will never be forgotten as I apply it forward into the last year in my thirties.

  1. Saying yes to unexpected travel excursions will always deepen life’s experiences in ways I couldn’t fathom before stepping onto the plane. (Case in point: this trip and this trip.)
  2. You’re not as strong or as weak as you think you are. Ever.
  3. Sometimes you get what you want in a way you never saw coming.
  4. Nothing is a coincidence.
  5. Just because you think you’re done doesn’t mean you are.
  6. Quality beauty products are worth the investment.
  7. Trust your instincts.
  8. Other people will get annoyed with the most innocent of our passions and preferences. Listen, observe and continue with what fuels your fire. For me, it’s travelling and sharing about life, the good and dirty parts of it.
  9. Yes, less is more. I love luxury, but it changed it’s meaning for me over the years. Now luxury means to me: time and freedom.
  10. Our critics are doing us a favour. Only recently I started to listen to them with greater attention: they show us our weaknesses and faults – something that we are often completely unable to see on our own.
  11. Not everything can be learned right away. Some lessons take years to learn, maybe because our minds have to put together some lessons like puzzles.
  12. Having a small handful of close friends that will love you no matter what is mind-bogglingly easier and more rewarding than having a gigantic and exhausting social circle.
  13. In 40 years from now, you probably won’t care that you had everything perfect. You will care that you decided to give yourself grace. You’ll remember the times that you were so brave even though inside you were filled with fear.
  14. The insecurities I dealt with in my 20’s wasted a lot of my time, but I’m grateful I didn’t drag them with me into my 30’s.
  15. I’m a real, powerful, strong, vivacious, proud, and in love with life woman, and that’s a lot to handle – but I’m ok with that and if you are NOT ok with that – well I’m ok with that too.
  16. Sleep is more important than anything I need to do even if that “anything” means everything; there’s always tomorrow.
  17. It’s ok to say no.
  18. It’s ok to end relationships that suck.
  19. Apologising for taking care of yourself is not really taking care of yourself.
  20. I will probably never stop travelling.
  21. It’s ok to let go of the past, and it’s possible to do so when you let go of the behaviours that have made you hold on to the past for so long.
  22. Life is filled with beautiful moments and the most beautiful of all the moments is the sound of my nieces’ laughter.
  23. Hatred is perfectly normal under the circumstances. Don’t freak out about it or take it too seriously.
  24. You are going to fall for people who may not be able to reciprocate what you give. The truth is not everyone you love is going to be for you. It happens.
  25. You are going to meet someone that might be your soulmate sexually, that will blow your mind in many ways and you might even fall in love with him, but it does not mean he is meant to be your partner for life.
  26. Be careful who you save, you could be interrupting their karma.
  27. Love is not complicated. People are.
  28. Stay away from dating emotionally unavailable men.
  29. Have relationships (romantically and friendships) with people that you can learn from and that makes you grow.
  30. If you listen carefully enough, someone will tell you exactly the kind of person they are.
  31. Share your stories. The good and the bad.
  32. Break up with dysfunctional family members.
  33. It is okay to be a sensitive soul. The world needs more of that.
  34. You might need to travel twice to a country to understand the magic it has to offer.
  35. It is okay to spend some days in bed and binge watch series on Netflix.
  36. Deep breaths are like little love notes for your body. So remember to breathe.
  37. There is no photoshop or filter for your energy.
  38. Having a relationship with yourself and being able to be alone is the most important thing you can do for yourself.
  39. There’s no end to how much you can love someone if you let yourself.

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  • Beautiful nuggets for life’s journey, was trying to pick a favorite but there are several, thanks for sharing. Happy, happy birthday, may the year ahead be your best one yet, filled with laughter, love, clear skin, fortitude, vision and both business and travel opportunities.