Taking risks in starting your own business

In a recent interview, I was asked what advice would I give to entrepreneurs wishing to start their own business.
I mean, where do you event start?

All I know is, that setting up in business is scary. 

Building a business is scary.
Selling your products and services is scary.
Asking for money is scary.
Negotiating deals are scary.
Putting yourself out there is scary.

Putting up with judgement and criticism is VERY scary.

But it’s a whole lot better than not following your heart.

It’s better than working for someone else, if you know you can do it on your own.
It’s better than feeling trapped and not following your passions and purpose.
And ….. when you start to see how much your work makes people happy, ALL of it is worth it a million times over. 
Scary is relative….so l say, regret trying something scary….don’t live life NOT trying it.
You just never know what you could be missing.

I am fortunate to run a business that allows me to have a life I love, which is worth every risk I took!

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