My Business Class upgrade on Emirates Airlines

I have been a fan of Emirates Airlines for years now. In fact, in a previous blog post, I shared that it is my go-to airline of choice when traveling internationally. During my recent travels to Asia, I was super blessed to get upgraded to Business Class, something I never thought would ever happen! Here I share more about my Business Class upgrade on Emirates Airlines.
So, how did this happen you would ask?

Well, I asked the Travel Desk manager if there was any way he could move me to a row that had a seat open next to me, so I could sleep the 2nd leg of my flight, taking that the entire journey from Cape Town to Bangkok takes almost 24 hours, if you include your transit time at the airport.
Unfortunately, the flight was overbooked, which was possibly the reason I got bumped up to business class.
Per Emirates, they generally would choose someone who has achieved a high tier status in their Skywards tier status and if you have booked a higher tier of flight, thank goodness for my Silver membership and Flexi ticket I booked, right?!

As soon as I boarded, I was offered a glass of Veuve Clicquot Champagne, the menu, and got explained where everything is. Excellent service always impress me!

The onboard menu offers the best plane food I have personally encountered, and you can request your meal at any time during the flight instead of eating at set meal times.Through the years I have learned that few airlines offer as much choice as Emirates in-flight entertainment: I always spend a long time scrolling through the options, and even more, time deciding which movie to start with.

Now for the extra special part. The cabin feels luxurious, with classy burled walnut veneer, gold trim and pearlized plastic that frames the seats. The seat can be reclined into a full, comfy flatbed. Each seat also comes with a thin blanket, a large sized pillow, a duvet, noise-canceling headphones, flight socks and earplugs.

I also find the business class bathrooms bigger and cleaner than economy class.

Their amenity kits are off the hook. Both men’s and ladies are filled full of delightful Bulgari lotions, creams and colognes!

Flying Emirates Business Class was genuinely a dream come true, and although it’s a pricey experience to pay for if you prefer rather to spend your money on your actual holiday if it’s something you can afford to splurge on, I highly recommend it.
Every step of the experience was luxurious; the service was excellent and indeed similar to what you would receive when you stay at a 5-star hotel.

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