Tips for when you travel with someone

I have found that some of the greatest life-changing events occurred to me while I traveled. When you travel and it’s this incredible sensory overload, where everything looks, smells, feels and sounds brand new. With this comes new experience and a million opportunities to learn, connect, grow and share. Travel is a powerful thing and it has an enormous impact on many people’s lives, changing them forever. Travel taught me how to be alone and, honestly, it’s beautiful too. It allowed me to tune into what my heart truly desires and discover what it is I want from life. Traveling with someone else, on the other hand, can be pretty challenging, however, when you find a great travel companion, you see a world from someone else’s perspective. You are essentially engaging in a vacation relationship, and like all relationships, communication, consideration, and compromise are essential to its success.

I was fortunate however this year to embark on a few travel journeys with special friends. What made these trips memorable was that we aligned with the important stuff: our like-minded curiosity, our taste and love for great food and wine, our criteria for a good place to sleep, and our ability to marvel at—and learn about—the culture and ecology of the places we passed through.

Here I share some tips for when you travel with someone:


Have your own alone time:

Spending 24 hours a day with someone isn’t easy, especially if you enjoy traveling solo. So it is important to ensure you have a bit of time to yourself. Having time alone will keep you sane and make you appreciate your travel companion all the more.

Resist the urge to complain:

Ever traveled with someone who cannot stop complaining about everything—the food, the weather, the hotel’s service? Try to remember that you’re on vacation. Be present.

Learn how to be quiet around each other:

When I travel, I love my peace and quiet moments, since I network and interact with people for a living, it is one of the only times I force myself to have quiet time, think, take in my environment and be totally present. However, it can be tough to travel with a Chatty Cathy and if you don’t know your travel partner super well, extended silences can also be awkward. Learn how to cultivate the comfortable silence.

Know your travel partner’s strengths:

I doubt I would be able to travel with someone I do not know well. It is so important to have a good idea of your partner’s travel strengths. Maybe they’re great at asking questions, taking charge or they can read maps like a master. You should both have a good idea of where you excel and use your powers for good!

Create lasting memories:

As much as I love traveling solo, I have to admit that traveling with someone is a unique experience. Traveling with someone gives you an opportunity to create memories that will last you a lifetime. Because you’re with someone 24/7, there’s always the chance to laugh, chat, and play together. You’re really able to appreciate the small moments together.

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