Winter skincare tips while traveling

I love to travel, especially in our beautiful diverse country that offers landscapes varying from deserts to forests, mountain chains, coastal reserves and game parks. Game reserves are normally on top of my list during winter in South Africa, I am not sure why, perhaps because animals tend to be more visible during the day, or perhaps it is the magic of sitting around a fireplace telling stories to loved ones. During my recent trip to Shamwari Game Reserve, I realised just once again how harsh winter can be on your skin, especially because you spend 2-3 hours per game drive in exposed conditions.

The wind, cold temperatures, heavy clothing as well as UV rays in the open areas intensify the skin’s dryness.

Thankfully, due to working with several beauty brands, I have learned a few valuable tips in taking extra care of my skin during my safari trips in winter. So whenever I travel, my ensure I add the following skincare items to my beauty bag.

During winter, my skin is prone to be more sensitive and dehydrated. I use a mild facial cleanser like Vichy’s Purete Thermal Cleansing Gel. I always use lukewarm water as hot water dries out my skin even more. Straight after cleansing (day & night) I spray on Vichy’s  Thermal Spa Water. It rehydrates my sensitive skin and is ideal for when I am outdoors.

I always need copious amounts of hydration in the forms of lotion (i.e. hydrating toner), serum, and moisturiser. This winter, I found a combination that just worked wonders on my skin, and helped to alleviate several of the issues that I encounter during this dry time of the year.

This combination of SkinCeuticals Metacell B3 RenewalLa Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume and La Roche-Posay Toleriane Rich tones down redness, hydrates dryness, alleviates sensitivity, and allows the smooth application of makeup.

I never skip sunscreen no matter whether the sun is out or not. I have learnt through the years that UVA light is just as intense in winter as in summer and I used La Roche-Posay Anthelious XL Lotion on a daily basis.

Lip balm:
Lip balm is my right-hand man during winter, especially during game drives. 

I apply it liberally throughout the day. I love that Aloe Unique’s lip balm contains intensely hydrating Aloe Ferox and has a SPF in it.

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