Attraversiamo – meaning ‘let’s cross over’ in Italian, usually used when crossing the street or passing through.

I discovered the word while reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Eat Pray Love 6 years ago. This word stuck to me, especially during hard times.

I have been open and honest in the last few months/years about my journey. 2019 came with so many challenges; my mind finds it hard to comprehend.

There were numerous times during these last few months when I felt as though I was holding on to a cliff’s edge and running out of patience and strength. At times the Universe pushed me to test my limits, before releasing the force and letting me flow back to normality, where I felt safer, more stable and in control again.

As individuals, we each have our way of perceiving life, our way of distinguishing between what is essential and what is not. I had to make incredibly hard decisions about my life lately, and it was not easy. But I guess that is part of life; it is like looking through a glass window – if the tint is blue then the world appears blue, if it’s black then the world too ‘becomes’ black. If you want to see poverty, you see it. If you’re going to see/feel loneliness and sadness, it’s what you get. If you want to see happiness, you can see that too.

I have no idea what the next few months will be like, but I have this peace in my heart that I will be okay. Even when I am as scared as hell. All I know is that I’ve never been one to give up anything. I understand that this is meant to be because I meditated about it and have peace in my heart. I have faith that everything will work out.

Pictures taken at Montmarte, Paris.

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