While London may not be the tallest city in the world, it’s got its fair share of hidden rooftop and sky bars waiting for savvy locals and travelers to discover them. With a diverse range of options from traditional British pubs to sophisticated cocktail bars like Tonight Josephine’s, I have to admit that I was utterly impressed visiting GŎNG.

Located at the pinnacle of the 5-star Shangri-La Hotel at The Shard GŎNG is known as the highest bar in Europe making it perfect for sunset cocktails and late-night romantic drinks offering three lofted areas; a cocktail bar, champagne bar, and an infinity pool, for guests to relax and soak in the stunning cityscape.

GŎNG’s interior is heavily oriental, with grey leather, polished wood, hints of gold and deep red. It’s plush, and the service from our waitress Madalinia as you’d expect in such a space is that perfect balance between professional and friendly.

As per tradition when visiting rooftop or sky bars, I opted for their traditional martini- dry, shaken with extra olives. One of the best martinis I have had thus far and worth the £18! The signature cocktails at GŎNG are as daring as they are surprising. Madalinia suggested we try the ‘Fear The Jungle,’ inspired by the great Steven Spielberg. It combines BarSol Quebranta Pisco, banana, pineapple skin sherbet, lime, and chocolate in an ivy-covered highball. The cocktail is not for the faint-hearted as it comes complete with a real scorpion!

Another part of GŎNG that impressed me was the fact that they constantly refilled their mixed nuts and olives and water throughout our visit – something more bars should master.

Tips for visiting GŎNG

  • It didn’t seem like there was a strict dress code while visiting the bar, but if you want to fit in you should be aware of what you’re wearing. I imagine that no flip flops or shorts are allowed, and you should avoid the ‘backpacker look’
  • Since the GŎNG takes bookings and walk-ins (seating is subject to availability, and window seats are not guaranteed) it gets crowded pretty quickly, so you should get there as early as possible to catch the sunset, enjoy their directors cut cocktails and the city’s skyline after dark.
  • Getting there is pretty straightforward. The Shard is located right on London Bridge tube station. Depending on what exit you get off / arrive at, you may need to walk a couple of minutes to access The Shard. If you get lost, look up, you can’t miss it.

For more information on GŎNG, you can visit their website or contact them for bookings.

Email: gong.slln@shangri-la.com or Phone: +(44) 0207 234 8208

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