A letter to myself on the eve of my 41st birthday

A letter to myself on the eve of my 41st birthday.

Lorinda, you turn 41 tomorrow. Every day is a birthday; you really should believe that. You know that you should celebrate life daily, and you also believe that you should celebrate the lives of those you love every day.

One of the most important lessons you have learned in the last 365 days was that you should never take life for granted; life is not a given. Anything can change in a split second…

I am writing to you this letter to remind you what it felt like to be 40.

In the last year, you have not only survived a pandemic, but you have also met the love of your heart, your best friend and weathered some challenging storms. You rekindled old friendships and realised when to say goodbye to relationships that no longer serve you.

Some of your most frustrating moments were met with moments of calm, albeit with lots of struggle. You dreamt about being someplace else-not geographically but mindfully. Knowing things would make more sense when you got the whole picture. I guess it was your way of meditating the worry away. 

Your 40th year was a great one, Lorinda, and I know this one will be even better. Listen to your own advice. 

You know what you want. You know what you need to do. Keep doing all of the great things you’ve been doing, listen to yourself, and I know this year will bring you just as much happiness as the year that came before it. Here’s to another great year living happily ever after now!


40-year old Lorinda

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