Moving to Franschhoek

I have always been committed to protecting my peace and letting go of things that no longer serve me.
Stepping away from social media for over a month to create space for growth and change was exactly what I needed, especially bringing about one of the most significant changes I have made in my life by far.
For the last six months, I have had thoughts of leaving the hustle and bustle of city life for something simpler, going back to where it all started – small-town living. My soul yearned to be surrounded by nature and feel grounded in more profound ways than before.
I started journaling and manifesting the life I envision myself to live, the person I want to become, the purpose I want to fulfil. Through those quiet moments, I have gone to some dark spaces, worked through some intense traumas and trigger points to only start seeing the light eventually leading to one place – which I can now call my home – Franschhoek.
The journey to get here was not easy; trust me, it was possibly the most brutal thing I went through mentally, physically, and emotionally. I have never ever experienced exhaustion like this before, but I pushed through. Every single cell in me was ready to shake things up and make a move for the better.
I knew deep down that it would be worth every single challenge and experience to get to a point to feel the peace within myself and being able to “breathe” again.
To me, peace comes from showing up for myself and trusting myself when it sometimes makes no sense to most people. It means constantly learning, growing, releasing triggers, and freeing myself from limits or anything that robs me of my joy and happiness, even if that joy does not look okay to others.
New journey in Franschhoek
So to new beginnings. A brand new book.
I am excited to start writing the first chapter of this new book and take you alongside the journey…
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